We Believe in a
Simpler Way

At Kleaner, we observe everyday cleaning activities and seek for ways to make it simpler and even healthier.

We notice routine inconveniences that people face daily, such as the energy draining process of manually wringing your mop or even potential health risks created by floating dust when you sweep the floor.

In each inconvenience, we see opportunities to improve your quality of life. Each of our products are designed with that goal in mind, to get the job done quickly so you have time to make memories with friends and families.

How it started

It was 2019, when one of our co-founders wanted to buy a Spray Mop but was faced with many difficulties because only selected stores had it in stock and even then, options were so limited and very expensive.

He then realized that despite the numerous benefits in using practical Microfiber cleaning tools, most Indonesians still use conventional brooms and cotton mops to clean.

It is because our society are unaware of the benefits, and is under a false impression that Microfiber cleaning tools are complicated to use and not as clean as their manual counterparts.

Even if they are willing to purchase, supply is really limited and very expensive.

That inspired him and his partner to create the Kleaner brand that provides a wide selection of premium quality yet affordable practical Microfiber cleaning tools to the Indonesian market.

Since then, Kleaner have begun their journey to increase public’s awareness by collaborating with local retailers , online shops and provide trainings on the benefits of Microfiber cleaning tools.

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