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3 Habits About Personal Hygiene That Must Be Taught To Children 2020-06-19

3 Habits About Personal Hygiene That Must Be Taught To Children

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The habit of maintaining personal hygiene that needs to be taught to children

Here are some habits to maintain personal hygiene that you can teach children from childhood.

1. Wash your hair regularly
Most young children need to be taught to wash their hair two to three times a week. Shampooing too often is actually not very recommended because it can make the scalp dry and more prone to haughty.

When you start growing up, puberty hormones will increase and make hair more oily. At this time, teach children to wash their hair with shampoo as often as possible, if necessary encourage them to wash it every day.

2. Be diligent in the shower
Some young children don't like to take a shower, while others will find bathing a fun activity. You can make bathing a fun activity by letting them soak in foam water. Also prepare warm water to rinse them after finishing the bath.

3. Caring for skin health
Pre-school age children still need the help of parents to care for their skin. Skin disorders that often occur at this age are reddish rashes, bruises, and insect bite marks. You can teach your child to get used to examining their entire body before dressing. Teach them to look for wounds or redness on the skin that needs treatment.

As a teenager, hormonal changes will make your child's facial skin more oily. This increased oil production can cause facial problems such as zits. Many children underestimate acne on the face by simply washing your face with water and just any soap. Teach your children to wash their faces two to three days a day and teach them not to squeeze pimples.

If your child is a girl, tell them that sharing makeup with friends can spread skin infections. In addition, sleeping with makeup is also not good for facial skin health.

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