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The best microfiber fabric is one of the mainstays used by automotive owners to clean the glass in their vehicles. This microfiber fabric is quite different from other rags. 

You should know that this microfiber washcloth is an object made of synthetic textile fibers. Not only that, another fact of this microfiber cloth is that it is smaller in size compared to 1 denier, where 1 gram of denier is equal to 900 microfiber meters. 

A few other things you need to know that this best microfiber fabric is more complex and superior compared to other fabrics, such as cotton and towels in general. 

What are the characteristics of a quality microfiber cloth? 

So, roughly speaking, the best microfiber cloth is one that can absorb as much as 6x the weight of the microfiber cloth itself. 

Not only that, you have to know for a fact that this microfiber washcloth can withstand both polish and wax, which these two components are said to be necessary for automotive detailing . 

In fact, this microfiber cloth has more water absorption, which is strong enough to even remove dirt, so the final result using a microfiber cloth is very satisfying for you at this time.

You already know about the advantages of using the best microfiber fabric, this time you need to know how to choose the best microfiber cloth. 

How do you choose it? This is how to choose a microfiber washcloth that you can apply, including the following: 

  1. You should know about the types of microfiber washcloths. This microfiber cloth has several types of ends, including rolled, silk, and stitch-free.

Make sure, you choose the end of the fabric type that fits your needs. The thinner the microfiber fibers are, the better the results will be. 

Make sure you choose the one with the best quality microfiber cloth tip and it should be soft. This is for your convenience when cleaning automotive glass. 

  1. Pay attention to the microfiber cloth product, in detail and thoroughly. 

You should know that when there is a microfiber cloth product that is not produced properly or carelessly, it is certain that the cloth can damage your automotive glass. 

The result you will get is when you use a microfiber cloth, the pieces are not neatly cut and are scratches that damage the quality of automotive glass. After knowing this, don’t make the mistake of choosing a microfiber cloth. 
If you are confused about buying the best microfiber fabric, you can rely on e-commerce that is already available here or on our website. In addition to an affordable price, the quality of this microfiber cloth is the best, made with great detail.

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