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Owning a house is not an easy thing to do for people who are not ready. You have a lot to do, one of which is tidying the house and cleaning it. To complete the housekeeping activity, this time comes the best microfiber mopKleaner.

You as a house owner wants to clean floors quickly and in a fun way, this time you can use Kleaner’s best microfiber mop which has no doubt of quality and price issues.

Here are some of Kleaner’s best microfiber mops, including the following: 

  1. Kleaner flat mop 

The kleaner flat mop has an algae size with a length of 78 cm – 135 cm which can be adjusted by the user. With a refil size of 25 cm x 14 cm. 

Kleaner flat mop is a microfiber mop that can clean house floors more effectively than conventional mop. Why is it more effective? Because, this microfiber is able to lift the smallest dirt on the floor. 

How to use it is quite easy, you first moisten the mop refill with water, then you choose one side that is used for mopping. After that, you can move the mop backwards to the left and right then change the direction of the mop like the number “8.”

  1. Kleaner dust mop 

Dust mop stick has a length of 83 cm – 139 cm, can be adjusted as needed and the refill size is 43 cm x 13 cm. 

Dust mop is a mop which is able to bind dust on the floor faster and healthier. 

How to use it can be done by going backwards to the left and right and changing the direction of the mop like the number “8.” 

  1. Kleaner twist mop 

This mop twist mop is a practical mop to mop floors. How to use it? 

The way to use it is to push the bottom of the mop and move it backwards to clean the floor. Pull the bottom to cover the mop and twist it to wring out the mop.

  1. Kleaner scratch mop 

You should know that this scratch mop is an innovative mop with which you can rinse and dry the mop without getting wet. 

How to use, first make sure to cover the bucket. Straighten the mop head, then rinse the mop through the rinse serrations and dry the mop in the dryer. 

  1. Kleaner spray mop 

This time you don’t need to bring a bucket to mop, because there is a spray mop. How to use it is also quite easy. 

You refill the bottle in the mop and make sure it is clean. Next, Pull the trigger to release the liquid. 

  1. Kleaner spin mop 

You use a spin mop and all of your mopping will go so fast. 

The way to use the mop this time is to fill the water into the bucket. Next, make sure the handle is unlocked and turn the mop. Dry the mop in the dryer and press. You can use a mop to mop the floor. 
Would you like to try one of the best microfiber mops ? You can buy e-commerce from Kleaner.

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