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If you want to find a cleaning kit that is unique enough to complete the house cleaning, try to buy the best spray mop Kleaner has available. This time, cleaning, especially mopping, will be more fun and comfortable when using products from Kleaner.

You should know that this spray mop cleaner is very flexible to use, it will make mopping even easier. 

No longer need to bring a bucket of soapy water to mop, just pull the lever and you can take out the soapy water used to clean the floor. Even the water that comes out is evenly distributed over the cleaned floor. It’s easy, right? Therefore, you can buy the best spray mop Kleaner has. 

What will you get when you buy the best spray mop Kleaner has? So, when you buy a mop provided by Kleaner you will get a wide variety of product contents, starting from 2 parts mop sticks, mop plate, and microfiber cloth. 

You should know about the product dimensions of the Kleaner brand spray mop, the length of the sprayer is 126 cm. With the volume of the bottle used to spray liquid of 360 ml. The refill size of this sprayer is 38 cm x 11 cm. 

After knowing about the dimensions of the product, do you already know what features of the mop are available? The features of the Kleaner mop include a water spray, a thick spray bottle, a thick microfiber cloth that absorbs more water and can be used to clean window glass. 

When, you have purchased a spray mop from Kleaner, you must know about the correct way to use it. How do you use this spray mop? 

Here’s how to use Kleaner’s spray spray, including the following: 

  1. Ensure that the refill of the mop is clean and that the water bottle is filled correctly. 
  2. Pull the trigger lever used to spray water towards the part to be cleaned with the mop. 
  3. When you have finished mopping the entire floor, you can remove the mop or refill you used to clean before using it again at a later date. 

The way to use the Kleaner sprayer is very easy, right? Therefore, don’t miss using it. 
At the moment, Kleaner products are readily available. This spray mop is very affordable for such a high quality product. You can buy the best spray mop today through e-commerce or Kleaner’s website.

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