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A clean home atmosphere will make family members feel at home and comfortable to live in it. Nowadays, you can create a clean home atmosphere by buying household cleaning tools. The home cleaning equipment prices now is currently very affordable, so don’t miss this opportunity. 

You can purchase household cleaning items through e-commerce from Kleaner . Here, you will get various benefits, including the following: 

  1. Affordable prices

You should know, the home cleaning equipment prices available at Kleaner are included in affordable numbers. 

Home cleaning equipment price at Kleaner start from Rp. 10,000.00 to Rp. 235,000.00. You might even get promos that Kleaner has to get your products even cheaper.

E-commerce from Kleaner provides various promos that you shouldn’t miss out.

  1. Hands won’t get dirty

The products at Kleaner are very effective and efficient, even making it easier for all jobs to get done quickly. 

You should know that this modification of the product made for Kleaner is very minimalistic and simple, so it can be used flexibly. In fact, there are product innovations which won’t make you do the job manually, so your hands don’t get dirty. 

For example there is the Spin Mop, which makes you no longer have to use your hands to clean the mop. 

  1. Microfiber base material

Some of the cleaning tools at Kleaner this time use fiber, such as a microfiber washcloth or a microfiber mop refill. 

This microfiber provides many benefits, making it easy to dry and very easy to remove various kinds of dirt such as dust in the smallest places. 

  1. Refills available

Every cleaning product available at Kleaner today has a refill. Kleaner provides refills for the mop from various types of products so you can use your product for a long time.

  1. Quality goods 

The advantage that you will get when purchasing cleaning products at Kleaner is that the items offered here are of high quality. 

All dimensions are made sure to match what you need and the basic materials for the manufacture of the products here are very sturdy, so they are durable to use for cleaning the house. 

How? Are you interested in purchasing a household cleaning kit at Kleaner. 

Don’t miss to make a purchase here, besides the affordable home cleaning equipment price, you will get lots of promos and other benefits that you can feel for yourself.

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