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Bacteria, viruses, and germs are things that everyone hates, because they can cause disease. Usually small objects that carry this disease land in damp and dirty places, so you need a place where selling bathroom cleaning tools

So, there is one room where it can be said that this place is a nest of various kinds of bacteria, viruses, and germs. Do you know the room? Yes, right, the bathroom. 

You should regularly clean the bathroom using the cleaning tools provided by Kleaner, Kleaner selling bathroom cleaning tools with premium quality. 

If you can, you need to clean the bathroom in 1 week 3 times using tools that have been purchased at the place where selling bathroom cleaning tools like Kleaner. 

This time, there are some tips that you can use to clean the bathroom. This is how you can apply it, including the following: 

  1. Clean bathroom ceiling

The first tip that can be done is to clean the ceiling from the bathroom. 

You can clean the ceiling full of cobwebs. 

Cleaning the ceiling is easy to do, just use a broom. Make sure you are using the broom algae that is long enough.

You want to get a broom with algae that is long enough, you can make a purchase through Kleaner. 

  1. Clean the glass in the bathroom

Do you have a special shelf or glass for your bathroom? From now on, make it a habit to clean the glass regularly. 

How to clean it? Simply use soapy water and wipe with a Kleaner microfiber washcloth. 

This microfiber washcloth is best for removing all dirt and dust that is on the sidelines of the glass in the bathroom. 

Not only that, you can use window wipers which are also available through Kleaner’s e-commerce

  1. Clean stubborn dirt in the bathroom 

There is some stubborn dirt in the bathroom? That’s a sign, you need to clean it now, don’t let it become dirt that has to be cleaned.

You can clean up this stubborn dirt using the floor brush already at Kleaner for an affordable price. 

  1. Clean the water bath

It’s true that cleaning the tub is necessary, but you also need to drain the dirty water into clean water. 

  1. Brush the floor and bathroom walls 

From now on, make it a habit to brush the bathroom floors and walls so that you are more comfortable when using the bathroom. 

So, from now on, make it a habit to clean the bathroom regularly to avoid disease hives and make it easier to use. 
Bathroom cleaning tools are now available at Kleaner, a place where selling bathroom cleaning tools and have been distributed throughout Indonesia. So, don’t miss it.

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