1. What is Microfiber and why is it used in all of Kleaner products?
2. Why is it better to swipe the floor with Microfiber ?
3. What is the proper way to mop or sweep with Microfiber Flat Mop head such as Spray Mop, Scratch Mop, Dust Mop ?
4. Are the mop refills machine washable ?
5. How should I wash my mop refills ?
6. How often do I need to change my mop refill ?
7. How should I store Kleaner products ?
8. How much water should I put into the Kleaner Spin Mop or Kleaner Scratch Mop?
9. Can I use Spray Mop, Scratch Mop, Microfiber Mop (K19008) for dry sweeping ?
10. Can I purchase a replacement part for my Kleaner products?
11. Who should I contact if i have questions regarding Kleaner products ?
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