Why Us


Why Us

Premium Material
Kleaner’s products are made from thick PP material that is more durable than other plastic material and is also resistant to household chemicals. With a combination of Stainless Steel, our range our products is also rust resistant.

Premium Efficient Design
Every inch of Kleaner’s products are made with efficiency and ergonomics in mind, so you can clean faster and comfortably. It is also designed with an eye pleasing clean and minimal look.

Microfiber for an efficient and healthier way of cleaning
A conventional broom is not able to trap dirt or dust particles, which makes it not just inefficient, but also unhealthy, as dust particles will float around in the room as it gets pushed around by the broom. That is why all of Kleaner’s products are equipped with Microfiber because each fiber strand is very effective in trapping dirt and dust particles, so it makes cleaning much faster and healthier.

No over the top retail markup
All of Kleaner’s product range are offered without over the top retail or marketing markup, because you deserve quality premium without paying premium price.

Affordable refill price
Did you ever decide not to buy microfiber mops because the refill is too expensive? We have ensured the price of our refills to be affordable without a compromise in quality so you can save more.

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